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About 电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全

Kingman Regional Medical Center (电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全) is the largest healthcare provider in northwest Arizona and the only remaining non-profit hospital in Mohave County, Arizona. As a 235-bed multi-campus healthcare system, our center includes more than 1,900 employees, 270 physicians/allied health professionals, and 150 volunteers who care for the health needs of our community.

Unique Among Rural Hospitals

At 电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全, we are committed to offering a full range of medical services to meet the health and wellness needs of our vibrant growing community. From essential primary and preventive care services —to sophisticated medical imaging and diagnostic capabilities—to intricate surgical technologies and techniques—to advanced treatments in cardiac carewound care, and cancer care— to progressive rehabilitation and pain management therapies; 电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全 is unique among rural hospitals in providing a full range of highly-technical and specialized healthcare services.

电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全 has the distinction of being Arizona’s first rural teaching hospital, offering doctors residency training in family medicine and emergency medicine.

Mayo Clinic Network Member

In 2010, 电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全 was one of the first hospitals in the nation to become a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. With this membership, we have direct access to Mayo Clinic medical expertise, research, and clinical practices.

Additionally, a number of our physicians, including all nine of our local radiologists and pathologists completed their medical residencies at the Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education in Rochester, MN. These doctors are skilled in some of medical science’s most advanced diagnostic and treatment services.

With our continued relationship with Mayo Clinic, we are able to address more types of medical conditions at a local level— providing our community many options for receiving quality care close to home.

A Major Contributor to the Local Economy and Community Wellbeing

A strong growing hospital with skilled physicians and quality healthcare services is vital to Kingman and surrounding communities. Over the past decade, 电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全 has continued to expand to meet the healthcare needs of our community.

电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全 is the largest employer in Mohave County with a current payroll of over $130 million. Additionally, 电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全 is a large consumer of local goods and services. We spend over $10 million per year with community businesses.

Our growth brings new jobs to the Kingman economy. Over the past 10 years, our employee base has grown by 80% with over 750 full-time equivalent positions.

To retain our workforce, we focus on promoting a positive work culture and offer our employees generous compensation and benefits, on-site daycare, and incentives to participate in exercise and health programs at our 5000-member wellness center. In fact, we received Healthstream’s Excellence in Healthcare Award for the nation’s highest employee satisfaction in the large-hospital category.

We also provide education and employment opportunities to our community. We coordinate with local high schools to inform students of career opportunities at 电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全. We also partner with Mohave Community College and state universities to hire graduating healthcare workers and fund scholarships to help local students who are pursuing careers in healthcare. Additionally, we provide tuition reimbursement to current employees seeking to advance their careers.

To also serve our community, 电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全 has a long history of partnering with local community agencies and organizations to enhance health and quality-of-life in the Kingman area. Our Community Benefit Program supports scores of community agencies and programs that benefit our residents’ health and wellbeing, especially our most vulnerable citizens— children, elderly, those in ill health, and those in socio-economic distress.

Nationally Recognized Commitment and Compassion

Our focus on growth and improvement has resulted in widespread recognition of 电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全 in the healthcare industry. Over the last ten years, we were honored with seven awards based on our high patient satisfaction scores. On six other occasions, we received designation as either a “five-star” or “top 100” hospital for our value to our community. 电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全 is also the only hospital in Arizona to receive the Governor’s Arizona Innovation Award for our proactive efforts to enhance healthcare in a rural community.

Hospital District Relationship

Hospital District Number One of Mohave County Arizona was created by voter referendum on December 7, 1982.

The District’s powers are to:

  • Purchase capital equipment for the hospital
  • Purchase property necessary for hospital expansion
  • Lease hospital and equipment to any person or corporation for the purpose of maintaining a healthcare facility

On November 1, 1983, the Hospital District leased the hospital and equipment to Kingman Healthcare Inc.— a local non-profit organization that oversees 电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全 operations.

Find out More

If you’re thinking of moving to our area or if you’re already here, we welcome you to tour our facilities to learn more about our comprehensive healthcare services and the other ways 电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全 benefits our community. Please contact our Public Relations Department at (928) 681-5061 to make tour arrangements.